Protecting your eggs will be the key to winning this contest.. We hope you don't crack under the pressure! All members of the team will be tossing an egg back and forth as far as possible.  The top team will receive 50 points. Do you dare activate the multiplier??

It's all about technique.  The strategy is easy...the game is not.  Don't crumble under the pressure.  You get points for keeping it together!  Roll your homemade bowling ball into our customized pins and score as many points as possible.  The winning team earns 50 points.  

Let your imagination take flight as you try to have the most successful launches.  This could be an uphill battle so be prepared for anything.  You may only use the materials you are given but there may be more than meets the eye on game day!

North, South, East or West, will your team prove to be the best? You will be attracted to this pickup challenge from the moment you lay eyes on it.  Can you carry your team to victory?

The only person you are competing against here is yourself.. Don't let your nerves get the best of you.. If you get the furthest the fastest you could spin your way to victory.  This challenge is going to be epic!

Twist and turn your way to victory with this classic puzzle.  You'll be racing against the clock speedcuber! 

Time is on your side if you can solve in under 3 minutes...

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We will supply the parts and you bring the imagination and ingenuity.  Practice with the tasks in the box and be ready for the challenge of the day!

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