Do you accept the challenge?  Email Me for more info and to get started.

Perplexus Origins


Superplexus Circle 24"


LEGO Labyrinth

Classic Marble Labyrinth



There are 6 perplexus models altogether.  Participants will have the opportunity to go "the farthest, the fastest" for any of the models. Judges will keep time. Models can be purchsed on Amazon for practice. The top two models will count for the highest number of points in the Brain Games.


Names of the models:



  1. Your Perplexus challenge attempts will only count towards earning points in the competition if observed by an official judge. Please find the Perplexus table when you attend the event and sign up.  

  2. Contestants will have 2 attempts at any two models they choose to try. 

  3. There is a 5 minute time limit per model.